Sedona Arizona, Wellness Yoga Retreat with Megan Kenson

I met Megan when she was teaching a Yoga class in a studio in downtown Los Angeles. After chatting and scrolling through her instagram I found out she’s been to Perth Western Australia, my hometown, for a holiday once, and we connected instantly. Recently I jumped on board as the photographer to her Wellness Retreat in Sedona Arizona.

Megans energy is undeniably peaceful, tranquil and feminine. She lead us on hikes, practicing intentional mindfulness on the walk up, when we reached a place to stop she encouraged us to connect with the earth by removing our shoes as much as possible to really feel the earth and properly arrive.

The home we stayed in was a beautiful Airbnb that accommodated all of us. I loved the large amount of stone and rock that was used in the home influenced by the surrounding landscapes.

We gathered around the table to feast on meals home cooked by Megan and her husband Cody, the aromas often drifting upstairs during shavasana.

For future retreat dates find them on her website or how I found it by her instagram @themakdaddy