Zero Waste Designer, Vanina Howan, Portland Oregon. Commercial Photography

Vanina recently launched The Zero Waste Habit in Portland Oregon. Originally Californian born her background is in the fashion industry and sewing has been apart of her daily practice for years. The workshop takes place in Vaninas apartment near downtown Portland. Her puppy came back from his first walk while we were there which meant we had a puppy break for cuddles.

If you live in or are visiting Portland you can do this workshop as well through Airbnb Experiences:

If you’re not in Portland but want some handmade goodness you can order premade produce bags through her website:

(Side note: My mum would actually be so proud of me learning to sew. For my 21st birthday, (quite a few years ago now) she bought me a sewing machine hoping I would pick up her love of sewing but unfortunately I never did. It’s currently sitting in my brothers attic in Australia unopened collecting dust. You might find a picture of me sewing in amongst these below, that’s the one I sent to my mum so she could have a proud mum moment.)