Singapore Solo Adventure / Personal Work

I’m mad keen on facing my fears and pushing my comfort zone these last few years in the strive for some deep juicy personal growth. Solo travel was something I’d only heard of and I’d always admired people who were brave enough to do it.

Singapore had been on my radar for a while, it started with friends tagging me in pictures of Gardens by the Bay saying ‘this looks like a place you’d love’. They were darn right.

Yeah, Singapore was a pretty safe choice for first solo travel, I know. I felt safer walking the streets at night alone than I do in my own hometown, but it was the plant and greenery that drew me there.  

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I stayed in an Airbnb in Chinatown with an Australian couple from Sydney, they were a listed as a super host but it was actually the interiors of their apartment that had me weak at the knees. Concrete feature walls are the way to my heart at the moment, it just needed some indoor plants and I probably would have moved in permanently. 


COFFEE TOUR - East meets West

First day in the country I booked a walking coffee tour through Airbnb Experiences in Chinatown to get in amoungst the hawkers markets. Was Lei is a Singapore local and she explains the history and culture of coffee in Singapore and hows its made differently to western styles. The tour ends up at her cafe to make your own coffee using their commercial machines.

You even get the pleasure of viewing my terrible attempt at latte art from the end of the tour, I'm definitely not destined for a career as a barista, ever.



Public transport is super easy, it can get you anywhere you want to go, I only used an uber twice in 5 days. (Side note, Ubers and taxis are the same thing in Singapore compared to how segregated they are in Australia. Felt very skeptical when I was waiting for my Uber and a taxi turned up.)

TIP: if you’re going to visit Singapore and take the MRT don’t buy a tourist pass (learnt this after reading the MRT reviews on TripAdvisor) the tourist pass is overpriced, purchase an EZI-Link card instead. It’s similar to a Smartrider in Australia, you load it with money and then when you return it at the airport MRT station they’ll refund you whatever credit you have left on it.


I thought I wouldn’t get time to visit the Southern Ridges so I didn’t put a lot of research into it and end up getting a little lost on the way. I caught a bus from Chinatown and ended up walking around in circles not really seeing anything. So I called an Uber to save the day and was so impressed by large trails that walk you through the trees.

It’s a lot less touristy than the other things I’d been visiting on my trip, a lot of locals use the trail for exercise. It takes you through big open green spaces with city views.  A bit of a trek so I’d suggest appropriate walking shoes unlike the sandals I wore. Totally worth getting lost, would recommend this to anyone visiting, and its free, so yeah.


Solo travel is pretty easy really, I found it super calming and chilled. It easy to change your schedule last minute with out effecting anyone. Plus I can get away with looking at Gardens by the Bay for 6 hours straight without worrying about boring someone else with my love of plants. 

Instead of staying in a private room in an Airbnb I’d opt for a hostel so I could meet other solo travellers, I tried a few travelling apps like Travello and Backpacker to connect with other travellers but didn’t really find anyone, so open to suggestions on that one. 

Impressed by how many Australians are in Singapore for work, other Australians seem to flock to each other when overseas. 

Wish I’d filmed more quality video content instead of just slapping everything on my instastory every time I saw a new plant, which is something I will be more intentional about on my next trip which is a whole other story.

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